Why Birds need our help

Our feathered friends can struggle to find food in winter, particularly in our towns and cities.

By providing food and water during the colder months*, you’ll encourage visitors to your patch and help our amazing wild bird population thrive again.

Feed the Birds

Your mission is to take birds under your wing this winter by making sure they have plenty to eat and drink.

Giving birds a helping hand at this time of year will keep them fit and healthy for breeding season in the Spring.

Once you’ve started your mission, don’t forget to tell everyone what you’re doing and help get more Backyard Nature Guardians involved!

Birds won’t go hungry. Not in our backyard.

Get Involved

It’s easy to do and anyone can get involved – here are some useful tools to get you started.

*Birds don’t just need a helping hand in the winter, they can experience food shortages at any time of year. Make your New Year’s resolution to keep looking out for birds on your patch.

Coming Soon – Love Bugs!

Our Spring mission is coming soon. Sign up to be a Backyard Nature Guardian now to be the first to hear when it kicks off and how you can help.
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