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Finders Seekers – Challenge 6: slugs and snails

To celebrate the summer holidays we have teamed up with WWF’s ‘Learn To Love Nature’ campaign to bring you weekly nature spotting challenges. Each week we’ll post a new resource to help you discover the wonderful nature on your patch and in your neighbourhood.

This week we’re asking you to look out for slugs and snails! 🐌 👀 They are often disliked by  gardeners for nibbling on plants, however they play an important part in the ecosystem and we love them. 

Get outside and see how many you can find. You can use the Seek app to discover more about the species you come across.

Once you’ve found them, let us know! Share your best observations on Twitter or Instagram, or post on the Learn To Love Nature Facebook Group, with #LearnToLoveNature and #BackyardNature and your photo may be featured as our #SeekOfTheWeek, earning you £20 to spend on goodies in the WWF-UK shop!