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Take bats under your wing!

Bats are a sign of a green and healthy environment, so creating a garden that’s good for bats will also be good for people.

These small and fascinating creatures often live in close proximity to us, using our gardens as an important source of food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, they are under threat in the UK and as their natural habitats become more scarce, our gardens are playing an even more important role in securing a future for bats. By taking small steps to make your patch more wildlife friendly, we can make a big difference!

As well as growing flowers, there are other ways to attract insects to your garden. You can create microhabitats, by making log or leaf piles, mulching garden beds and leaving hollow stems standing over winter for bugs to shelter in.

This brilliant resource (produced by Bat Conservation Trust, The Wildlife Trusts and The Royal Horticultural Society) is full of fun facts and activities to help out bats on your patch, download it below.