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How to make a tin can bug hotel

Bugs and other insects are under threat and need our help! Will you #LoveBugs and make them a home on your patch? Why not try making a bug hotel using an old tin can? It’s the perfect activity to do at home using stuff you can find in your house and garden. πŸžπŸ›

Stuff you'll need

  • An old tin can
  • A can opener (ask a grown up to help you with this)
  • Natural materials like sticks and bark
  • Cardboard
  • A sheltered spot


  1. Get an old tin can, clean up the can and make sure it has no sharp edges (ask an adult to help you with this)
  2. Gather natural materials (like sticks, bark, and cardboard rolled into tubes)
  3. Cut your materials to size
  4. Fill you can
  5. Place your bug hotel in a sheltered spot on your patch (no more than a meter off the ground)
  6. Check in on your bugs to make sure they’re nice a cozy!