Why the Bees need our help

Did you know bees are critical to the food we eat? They give life to produce like peas, tomatoes and strawberries. 

In fact, our supermarket shelves would look very different indeed in a world without bees. That’s why we need to take urgent action to help them!

Throw it to grow it

Your mission is to feed the bees where you live by planting wildflower seedballs. You can get involved wherever you live – seedballs can be planted in a garden, pot or window box. 

To bee-gin your mission, simply follow these three steps:

1) If you haven’t already, sign-up to become a Backyard Nature Guardian.

2) Make your own seedballs using our simple resource and plant them on your patch.

3) Share your progress with everyone you know and on social media using #BackyardNature


Save the bees on your patch by making and planting your own wildflower seedballs. It's fun, cheap and easy to do. With your help, bees will have plenty to eat and begin to thrive again!
Get stuck in

The Story So Far...

To launch the #SaveTheBees mission, we gave away a whopping 330,000 seedballs containing 15 million seeds – from Iceland stores across the UK on the 14th September. Here are some of our favourite highlights from the launch:

The seedballs were very popular so stocks didn’t last long! If you missed out you can still get involved from home – see how below…

Protect Bees in your backyard

We’ve got some handy resources to help you make your own seedballs and much more. With your help we can see our amazing bee population thrive again.