Can you identify tree species on your patch?

Trees are the ultimate nature guardians! They can live for hundreds of years and grow as tall as buildings. Our leafy friends do more than just making our local patches look pretty, they provide and protect too!

Did you know the tallest tree in the world is taller than Big Ben? You read that right, Hyperion is a Redwood tree found in sunny California and measures over 115 meters in height!

So why are trees so important for our planet?

Our cities are becoming more and more like concrete jungles so maintaining our canopies is vital to create a safe haven for nature, even in the city! Urban trees can:

Reduce air pollution

Improves mental and physical health

Create homes for wIldlife

Reduces flooding

Connect us to our heritage

Look outside, do you see any trees? How many? What type of trees do you see? 

Our tall leafy friends are great for our planet but can you identify one tree from another?

Check out our ‘Tree Bingo’ challenge to get out in your patch and collect and identify as many leaves as you can find! 

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